Proliner Testimonials

Read through our testimonials to see what our customers think of our golf training aids and golf putting aids as well as how they have helped them improve their golf game.

"An excellent golf teaching aid, easy to use, simple to understand and very helpful to all club golfers when practicing the basic golf 'set up' position, an important part of a successful golf game."
Sean Power - Enville Golf Club - Club Professional
"I had not played golf regularly for several months and found ProlinerTM a great way to re-establish the correct 'set up and address stance'. It proved so helpful I was playing single figure golf in less than one month."
Martin Bailey - Driffield Golf Club - Handicap 10
"My golf game had been inconsistent when a friend recommended ProlinerTM, after only one week of practicing with Proliner the improvement in my golf swing was really surprising which played an important part in winning a major golf club competition."
Bob Tranter - Cleobury Mortimer Golf Club - Handicap 14
"As a left-handed golfer I occasionally have problems with a fading golf shot. Proliner has been a real help in getting back to a correct 'set up' which has certainly improved and straightened my golf game."
David Gooding - Rotherham Golf Club - Handicap 16
"I enjoy practicing and am always looking for ways to improve my golf game. ProlinerTM has been very helpful with the 'set up' position for various golf clubs, it is an easy to use golf teaching aid that I can take to the golf range or even use in the garden."
Liz Farmer - Churchill and Blakedown Golf Club - Handicap 23
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